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Coronal Polishing Certification

Coronal Polishing Course: 2 Day Program (12 clock hours)

Pre-requisites: Students shall possess a valid registered dental assistant license or be currently enrolled in a board approved registered dental assisting program.

Day #1 – Lecture and Lab

  • 4 hours of Lecture + 4 hours of simulated lab practice and one patient.

Day #2- Clinical Day

  • 4 hours of clinical practice and 2 patients.

What to bring: Safety goggles and a lab coat and snacks to eat.

Coronal polishing (rubber cup polishing) is used to remove stains and plaque from the outer enamel surfaces of the dentition. A registered dental assistant, under direct supervision of a licensed dentist, may perform coronal polishing in a dental office. Students will learn how to safely and effectively polish the coronal enamel of teeth. This will allow a registered dental assistant to be more effective and invaluable in their employment. A licensed dentist or a registered dental hygienist shall determine that the teeth to be polished are free of calculus or other extraneous material prior to coronal polishing. Each student must show proficiency in removing supragingival calculus using a rubber coronal polishing cup on three patients who are over the age of eighteen. [12 Clock Hours]

Written Exam: Students must take a written and clinical exam achieving a score of 70% to pass (25/35)-miss no more than 10 questions.

In the lab component:

  • Students will receive a typodont to practice on.


  • Each student needs 3 patients
  • 2 patients must be used for the clinical exam
  • Each patient may not be missing more than 2 teeth per quadrant
  • Each patient needs their evaluation form filled out on how the sealant was placed
  • Each patient must have a current health history form filled out and be free from calculus and debris
  • Each patient must have a consent form signed
  • Vitals must be taken on all patients


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